Inspiring writing reminder

“I wonder how old we are when we stop thinking like kids?”  – This Kid Reviews Books  (Quote used with permission. Thanks, Erik!)

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30 responses to “Inspiring writing reminder

  1. I love that quote. I’m 29 and still want to be a Toys-R-Us kid.

    Keep smiling,

  2. I have never stopped thinking like a kid and never plan to. Perhaps tha’s why I write kid’s books. Great quote!

  3. You mean we stop? I’m still trying to think like a kid whenever applicable – it’s just this whole adult thing keeps getting in the way.

  4. This is a great quote. So glad you posted it.

  5. I read that during Picture Book of the Month. I loved it and have it as my inspirational at The Red Book. He’s a great kid.

  6. I remember feeling like a fraud for the longest time – living the life of an adult when inside I still felt like a kid. Great quote.

    • Understood! It was a very hard transition for me, but now I have permission to think like a child again.Thanks for adding your comment, Ruth.

  7. That’s so cool. He’s so cool!

  8. Hopefully, never! Adults only think about boring things like money and vacuuming.

    • We do get caught up in the things that need our adult attention. It takes effort to remember what it’s like to think like a child, but it can be done! :)

  9. I don’t ever want to stop thinking like a kid. ;)

  10. And my desire is to never let go of my childlike wonder of the world. to infuse everything I do and see and experience with the awe of childhood… :) Lovely to meet you!

    • The way life goes sometimes, I almost lost the delight of wonder … and even now I am having to keep reminding myself to let it happen, to look through the eyes of childlikeness and SEE what’s there. And if I forget I have a friend who reminds me. We all should have and be that kind of friend.
      Welcome to my blog, Louise. :)

  11. That is the best quote!!

  12. We are all still kids. Our bodies age but our minds really don’t. I still feel like I’m 10. LOL

    • That explains it then, Tara, because I have to remind myself – when it seems necessary – how old I really am. Your feeling as if you are 10 makes for good books for us to read. :)

  13. Wait, we have to stop thinking like kids? No one told me that.

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